Welcome to the Game Ranch!

Deer at your fingertips!Stroll along a mile-long trail on 24 wooded acres and encounter hundreds of highly sociable birds and animals indigenous to the state of Georgia. White-tailed deer, bunnies, buffalo, sheep, kid goats, black bears and a bevy of new-born animals are waiting to be fed, admired and petted on a “nose-to-nose” basis. We specialize in “people-friendly” wildlife.

About the Game Ranch

Located just two and one-half miles east of Stone Mountain on Highway 78, the Yellow River Game Ranch offers a magnificent photo opportunity and a chance to meet wildlife on a close and personal basis.

Explore the rustic trail where newborn fawns are a delightful favorite during the summer months. Huge bears stand up for special treats and our overhead “catwalk” allows an extraordinary view of a very feline cougar.

Boy feeding a squirrelThere’s the “Billy Goat Gruff Memorial Bridge” and the super popular “Bunny Burrows.” There is even a herd of buffalo roaming in the back meadow!

Our animals look to you for their next snack– their favorite treats are available in the Gift Shop and along the trail. Don’t forget to bring your camera and video camera! You’ll capture the magical interaction between your children and our Game Ranch animals.

About the Photos: Almost all of the images at YellowRiverGameRanch.com have been submitted by visitors to the Game Ranch. Send your best shots to photo[at]yellowrivergameranch.com and they may be used here at the site! (The best shots end up right here… on our home page!)

No Shadow! Beau Predicts Early Southern Spring

Waiting on Beau's prediction7:34 am, 56 degrees: Enticed by the smell of Waffle House “scattered, smothered and covered” hash browns just outside his mansion door. General Beauregard Lee awoke to a balmy 56 degree morning as a heavy fog lay across the Game Ranch. He did not see his shadow, foretelling an early spring for the Sunny South.

Beau’s distant cousin, the Gwinnett Braves’ ‘Chopper,’ helped to interpret Beau’s prognostication. Waffle House also provided complimentary coffee and hot chocolate for Beau’s supporters.

The Yellow River Game Ranch is in its 54th year of providing ‘nose to nose’ interaction with  Georgia wildlife.

What do you think about Beau’s prediction?

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