Beau Predicts Early Spring at the Game Ranch!

Seattle vs Denver8:58a – Beau stepped onto the front porch of his “Weathering Heights” mansion sporting a blue and orange sweater and waving a Seahawks banner. Beau takes a neutral position on the Super Bowl, probably because both team mascots are animals.

8:45a – Hundreds looked on as King Carlos and the Royal Family of @MedievalTimes [web site] aroused Beau from slumber….

7:55a – Beau slept in late, probably due to the lack of sunlight filtering through the dense fog….

BREAKING: General Beauregard Lee awoke to 50 degrees and a dense fog advisory and did not see his shadow, foretelling an early spring for the Sunny South…..

Official temp: 50 degrees (updated 8:52a). Official time 7:33a

“Beau News”

  • Cecelia & Emma

    Yay!!! Early spring!

  • Adrona

    OMG! Beau still has his satellite dish antenna! Its a wonder he will come out to predict anything with such TV reception. Go Beau! You take your job seriously!

  • Bob Griggs

    Beau’s just being diplomatic. We ALL know that Beau is a Seattle Seahawks fan. Beau’s prediction record shows that he’s a winner and he picks a winner!

    • Catoosa_Scouter

      Groundhogs abhor birds of prey!!!
      We Southerners know Beau predicts the Bronco’s will win!!!

  • JBM

    We trust you Beau! Can’t listen to the northern groundhog Phil. It’s been such a cold winter, but at least we can look forward to the early spring.

  • Norma Branchaud

    Loved the letter, who wrote it did a great job, and especially after being at the ranch several times.
    Give beau a BIG hunk of his favorite desert for me.

  • Buck_Williams

    Beau knows base, Beau knows football and Beau knows weather.