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Beau Is the Real Deal….

Georgia’s weather prognosticator claims 94% accuracy

Georgia’s Furry Forecaster, will make his Annual Weather Prediction at the Yellow River Game Ranch just before 8:00 am Eastern on Thursday, February 2, 2012. Beau will meet and greet hundreds of bleary-eyed, faithful supporters at sunrise as he seeks his shadow. Free admission will be granted to the groundswell of fans from 6:00 to 8:00 am. Gifts honoring Beau are appropriate.

If Beau spies his ample shadow, citizens far and wide may anticipate at least six more weeks of woe-be-gone winter. Should Beau not see his shadow, prepare for Spring-like temperatures within the next six weeks.

Like last year when he pioneered the use of social networking for weather prognostication, Beau will first announce his prediction on his Twitter page (@GameRanch).

Every year, General Beau Lee, Ph.D. awakens to the ringing of the antique bell outside his “Weathering Heights” mansion, where he lives in touch with the elements year ’round– unlike his punky counterpart in Pennsylvania who lives in a climate-controlled environment in the town library where he is fed dog food and ice cream. That’s why Beau can claim a 94% accuracy rating while the pampered impostor is rumored to manage a lousy 39%.

Free admission to “Beau Believers”

Anyone who has a birthday on February 2nd will also be granted free admission for the day. Appropriate photo identification or visa is necessary.

Beau’s Top “Tweeters”

  • @kronn: Phil, only The Beau knows if Spring is around the corner. Get a southern perspective. #Groundhogday is tomorrow
  • @GwinnettBraves: Will Chopper see his shadow when he visits #Beau @GameRanch? Vote on our Facebook page
  • @skalkippis: tomorrow morning will be cloudy therefore beau @gameranch will not see his shadow and we will celebrate early spring w/mimosas before work!
  • @DelilahSDawson Delilah S. Dawson: We GA natives always count on Beau at the @GameRanch for proper prognostication! I need to write him into one of my books…
  • @murphypak Alicia Murphy
  • Iam very lucky Beau live 1 mile from me so I can see him anytime

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