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12 Ground Hogday


General Beau Lee, Ph.D., Georgia’s Official Weather Prognosticator, demonstrated his “tech-savviness” by tweeting his weather prediction online at the popular microblogging service, Twitter. Beau’s pronouncement came at 7:35 am in overcast but balmy, 56 degree weather. Beau reported that he did not see his shadow, foretelling an early spring at The Yellow River Game Ranch.

Beau shared the sun-almost-rise with hundreds of bleary-eyed, faithful supporters as he sought his shadow. Had Beau spied his ample shadow, citizens far and wide could have anticipated at least six more weeks of woe-be-gone winter. Since Beau did not see his shadow, onlookers were encouraged to prepare for Spring-like temperatures within the next six weeks… welcome news given the incredibly icy winter that gripped the nation last year.

For the first time, Beau live streamed his pronouncement here at his web site to hundreds of viewers. You can check out the actual prediction here.

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Beau’s Top Groundhog Day “Tweeters”:

  • @andishehnouraee Gen. Beauregard Lee of Stone Mountain’s Yellow River @GameRanch is the only rodential climate psychic to whom I listen.
  • Bryant Anderson @SoRoadgeek: @GroundhogPhil and @GameRanch are in dispute over early spring/six more weeks of winter.
  • CruzBay Dave @CruzBayDave: Gen. Beau Lee, the real groundhog… RT @GameRanch Beau doesn’t see his shadow!
  • Handly Cameron @handly: General Beauregard Lee at the @GameRanch says it will be an early Spring. Phil can keep his Winter up North!
  • Bill Maine @BillMaine: Yea! Thanks Beau. Time to break out the water ski gear. Look out Lanier the season starts early this year. Hey Beau wanna come?
  • misangela @misangela: Welp, OUR groundhog (Gen. Beauregard Lee) says early spring. I believe him! We never even got WINTER!
  • Kenzal Hunter @kenzal: Beau over at @GameRanch didn’t see his shadow, and I’ll take #Beau over @GroundhogPhil any #groundhogday

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In the Blogosphere:

  • Mike Licht: “Groundhog Day”

Did you publish a story about Beau and Groundhog Day at your personal web site? Send us the link and we’ll publish it here… maybe for the whole year! Follow Beau on Twitter at @GameRanch.

About Beau

Beau has been recognized for his public service to Americans by seven Georgia Governors; and has twice been commended for the accuracy of his predictions by The National Weather Service. He has received honorary doctorates from The University of Georgia – “DWP, Doctor of Weather Prognostication” and Georgia State University – “Doctor of Southern Groundology.” He has also earned the very special designation of “Cumulous Barometrist Groundhogolist”– a highly-coveted title among his meteorological peers.

Beau appeared on “The Today Show” with Willard Scott during The Democratic Convention in 1988. He answers his own mail (no form letters) with a complimentary V.I.G. (Very Important Groundhog) Photo on a year-round basis. In 2004, Beau was featured on Animal Planet on Feb. 2nd.

Every year, General Beau Lee, Ph.D. awakens to the ringing of the antique bell outside his “Weathering Heights” mansion, where he lives in touch with the elements year ’round– unlike his pampered counterpart in Pennsylvania who lives in a climate-controlled environment in the town library where he is fed dog food and ice cream. That’s why Beau can claim a 94% accuracy rating while the pampered impostor can only manage 85% (and dropping).

About the Game Ranch

The Yellow River Game Ranch, Georgia’s oldest animal preserve, is now celebrating its 50th year of providing children and adults a ‘nose to nose’ experience with wildlife. The preserve has over six hundred animals and birds. The Game Ranch is open seven days a week except for certain holidays.

The Yellow River Game Ranch is located at 4525 Highway 78, Lilburn Georgia. For further information, call 770-972-6643 or visit our web site!