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Groundhog Day 2013

Georgia’s Furry Forecaster, General Beau Lee, made his annual weather prediction at the Yellow River Game Ranch just after 7:30 am Eastern on Saturday, February 2, in balmy 21-degree weather.

As hundreds of bleary-eyed, faithful supporters cheered him on Beau spied his ample shadow, foretelling that citizens far and wide may anticipate at least six more weeks of woe-be-gone winter.

And, as we have come to know, Beau is almost always right.

Beau, Technology Pioneer

Like last year when he pioneered the use of live streaming video for weather prognostication, Beau announced his prediction on his Twitter page (@GameRanch). This year, Instagram users were treated to Beau’s photo stream at @GameRanch, where photos of the special event were posted by Beau and Game Ranch staffers.

Every year, General Beau Lee, Ph.D. awakens to the ringing of the antique bell outside his “Weathering Heights” mansion, where he lives in touch with the elements year ’round– unlike his punky counterpart in Pennsylvania who lives in a climate-controlled environment in the town library where he is fed dog food and ice cream. That’s why Beau can claim a 94% accuracy rating while the pampered impostor is rumored to manage a lousy 39%.